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    Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNoteORDER
    # Units
    107413 AidLite OEM*:OEM*ML385Light Bulb, #385 28V 0.04A300.75
    107360 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1010-01048Lamp Load Chamber71.25
    107361 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1010-01169Lamp Bulb Light Chamber38.75
    107373 ASML OEM*:OEM*402250235153Lamp, Microscope4125.00
    107386 Fuji Electric OEM*:OEM*A2046-000828-1LAMP INDICATOR10
    107387 Gasonics OEM*:OEM*A39-005-01Lamp 24V71.00
    107388 Gasonics OEM*:OEM*A39-006-01Lamp 225V 1000W417.50
    107358 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*:OEM*045307Lamp Light Source Laser2495.00
    107359 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*:OEM*068528Lamp, Light Pipe1175.50
    107382 General Electric OEM*:OEM*6S6/RLamp 120V 6W Red61.00
    107378 Humphrey Products Co OEM*:OEM*60706Lamp For Control73.50
    107415 Humphrey Products Co OEM*:OEM*Z61552Lamp, Light Amber111.00
    107416 Humphrey Products Co OEM*:OEM*Z61553Lamp, Light Green118.00
    107417 Humphrey Products Co OEM*:OEM*Z61554Lamp, Light Red Power111.00
    107411 Olympus OEM*:OEM*LS-15Lamp Bulb Microscope220.00
    107375 Osram OEM*:OEM*48PSBLAMP, 48V 2.4W WEDGE1513.50
    107394 Osram OEM*:OEM*EKE93638Lamp GE Projection 150W 21V GX5.31215.00
    107400 Osram OEM*:OEM*HBO1000WGLamp 1000W6650.00
    107401 Osram OEM*:OEM*HBO500W/ALamp 500W/A3350.00
    107402 Osram OEM*:OEM*HBO500W/BLamp 500W/B2350.00
    107403 Osram OEM*:OEM*HLX64610Lamp Bulb Microscope 12V 50W13.00
    107404 Osram OEM*:OEM*HLX64625Lamp Bulb Microscope 12V 100W43.25
    107405 Osram OEM*:OEM*HLX64634Lamp Light Bulb 15V 150W225.00
    107406 Osram OEM*:OEM*HLX64655Lamp 24V 250W618.00
    107366 Philips Lighting Co OEM*:OEM*20T6-1/2/IFExit Sign Light Bulbs 120V202.50
    107380 Philips Lighting Co OEM*:OEM*64 7V 3CPMiniature Light Bulbs200.50
    107362 Silicon Valley Group OEM*:OEM*110-032Lamp Bulb SVG Tower24.00
    107356 Skan-A-Matic OEM*:OEM*00102770Lamp Light Source155.00
    107363 Unknown OEM*:OEM*120PCLamp Plug In73.00
    107364 Unknown OEM*:OEM*20-026Lamp Bulb Microscope315.00
    107365 Unknown OEM*:OEM*20-050Lamp Bulb Microscope55.00
    107379 Unknown OEM*:OEM*2152QA5LAMP, 125V .5W IND GRN BI-PIN2
    107370 Unknown OEM*:OEM*327Lamp 327301.00
    107371 Unknown OEM*:OEM*334Lamp, GE334 28VA201.00
    107372 Unknown OEM*:OEM*387LAMP, 28V .04A MID FLANGE361.00
    107383 Unknown OEM*:OEM*76-1829Lamp Indicator81.00
    107384 Unknown OEM*:OEM*76-757Lamp (GNRTA)21.00
    107385 Unknown OEM*:OEM*86Lamp #86, 24V51.00
    107389 Unknown OEM*:OEM*ARC-PL-25ALamp Indicator 12143.50
    107390 Unknown OEM*:OEM*CM388Lamp Miniature #38841.00
    107391 Unknown OEM*:OEM*CN-1274-01Lamp Bulb Light Source10
    107392 Unknown OEM*:OEM*CN-1274-02Lamp Bulb Light Source4
    107396 Unknown OEM*:OEM*FE-BULB-15LAMP, 7V 2.8W ATCOR BI-PIN PLK33.00
    107397 Unknown OEM*:OEM*FHS-ILAMP, 82V 300W FHS PROJ BI-PIN37.50
    107398 Unknown OEM*:OEM*FNTLAMP, 24V 275W USHIO BI-PIN37.50
    107399 Unknown OEM*:OEM*GE7715LAMP, 5V .5W BI-PIN44
    107410 Unknown OEM*:OEM*L3437Lamp 132 Volts1125.00
    107412 Unknown OEM*:OEM*M400/ULAMP, METALARC 400W BT37 CLEAR517.50
    107395 USHIO, Inc. OEM*:OEM*EYK120V-300WLamp 120V 300W412.00
    107409 USHIO, Inc. OEM*:OEM*JCR15V-150WLamp Projector215.00
    107414 USHIO, Inc. OEM*:OEM*USH-200DPLamp Mercury USH-200DP295.00
    107367 Varian OEM*:OEM*2420004Lamp, Light Neon White103.75
    107368 Varian OEM*:OEM*2420009Lamp, Light Neon Red103.75
    107369 Varian OEM*:OEM*2420011Lamp Light Amber Neon103.75

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