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Welcome to Upstate Semiconductor Parts — Your source for High-Tech Equipment Parts and Components

We provide rapidly-delivered New, Used and Refurbished parts for many Makes and Models of High-Tech Equipment which is used by Semiconductor, Optoelectronic, MEMS, Photonics and other High-Tech Research and Industry.

To view over 4,720 detailed, real-time listings of our current inventory, use our Fast FIND search engine above or browse through the product types shown below:

Chamber Components

Adv Str Pass/Photo Resist Strip Chamber Components • Chemical/Mechanical Polishing Chamber Components • Chemical Vapor Deposition Chamber Components • Etch Chamber Components • Ion Implant Chamber Components • Orienter Chamber Components • Physical Vapor Deposition Chamber Components • RTP Chamber Components • Other Chamber Components

Drive Belts

Flat Belts • Round Belts • Timing Belts • V-Belts • Other Drive Belts

Electrical and Electronic Components

Circuit Breakers • Discrete Electronic Components • Fuses • Power Supplies • Printed Circuit Board • Sensors • Switches • Other Electrical and Electronic Components


Gas Filters • Oil Filters • Water filters • Other Filters


Bulkhead Fittings • Conversion Fittings • Hose Fittings • Hydraulic Fittings • Pipe Fittings • Quick-Connect Fittings • Vacuum Fittings • Weld Fittings • Other Fittings


Flow Gauges • Pressure Gauges • Other Gauges


Bearings • Bolts • Brackets • Brushes • Bushings • Nuts • Retaining Rings • Screws • Spacers • Springs • Standoffs • Structural Pins • Washers • Other Hardware


Blanket Heaters • Cartridge Heaters • Line Heaters • Other Heaters


Air / Pneumatic Hoses • Liquid Carrying Hoses • Vacuum Hoses • Other Hoses


Halogen Lamps • Infrared / Heat Lamps • Inspection Lamps • Mercury Vapor Lamps • Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps • Other Lamps

Mass Flow Controllers

Mass Flow Controllers - Gas • Mass Flow Controllers - Liquid


Small AC Servo Motor • Small DC Servo Motor • Small Stepper Motors • Other AC Electric Motors • Other DC Electric Motors • Other Electric Motors


Process Kit Components

Adv Str Pass/Photo Strip Kit Components • Chemical/Mechanical Polishing Kit Components • Chemical Vapor Deposition Kit Components • Etch Process Kit Components • Ion Implant Kit Components • Physical Vapor Deposition Kit Components • Rapid Thermal Processing Kit Components • Other Process Kit Components


Gas Sensors • Liquid Sensors • Positional Sensors • Pressure Sensors • Smoke/Fire Detectors • Temperature Sensors • Other Sensors

Vacuum Pumps

Cryopumps • Diffusion Pumps • Ion Pumps • Rotary Vane Pumps • Roots Pumps • Turbo Pumps • Vacuum Pump Controllers


Check Valves • Gate valves • Needle valves • Pneumatic Valves • Pressure Relief Valves • Solenoid valves • Vacuum Valves and Accessories • Other Valves


Cable Assembly • Electrical Connectors • Wiring Harness

Other Semiconductor Equipment Parts

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