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    Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNote ORDER
    # Units
    115440Advantech Co. LTD Mfr*1700091800RS-232 Cable 9-pin to 9-pin 180 cm46.00
    115441Advantech Co. LTD Mfr*1700151801Cable 15P 1.8m Male for FPM310.00
    104092AMAT Mfr*0150-09104CABLE ASSY RS232 TO INTERM L.S.2110.00
    58034AMAT Mfr*0190-00047fab Flex Cable FL 7 Cond2
    58020AMAT Mfr*673201Cable, Display Inter Connect2
    78536AMAT OEM*:OEM*0040-00456CABLE FIBER OPTIC 20 FT2
    57106Applied Materials Mfr*0150-00161CRYO AC System Interconn.1
    57128Applied Materials Mfr*0150-00254-RHelium Cooling Control Cables3
    57141Applied Materials Mfr*0150-00275CABLE ASSY,PC BASED MONO1
    57163Applied Materials Mfr*0150-00293CABLE ASSY ETCH EXPANDED VME #61
    57136Applied Materials Mfr*0150-00370Cable, RF Coaxial1
    62886Applied Materials Mfr*0150-03362CABLE ASSY, PCR1, DRIVER-MOTOR POWER, MI21
    62896Applied Materials Mfr*0150-03362-RCABLE ASSY, PCR1, DRIVER-MOTOR POWER, MI9
    62887Applied Materials Mfr*0150-03364CABLE ASSY, PCR3, DRIVER-MOTOR POWER, MI13
    64564Applied Materials Mfr*0150-03366CABLE ASSY, PCS1, DRIVER-MOTOR POWER, MI7
    62888Applied Materials Mfr*0150-03367CABLE ASSY, PCS2, DRIVER-MOTOR POWER, MI17
    62897Applied Materials Mfr*0150-03367-RCABLE ASSY, PCS2, DRIVER-MOTOR POWER, MI1
    62889Applied Materials Mfr*0150-03368CABLE ASSY, PCS3, DRIVER-MOTOR POWER, MI7
    62890Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09054-RCable Assembly in Wiring/Interconne...3
    57133Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09057Oth Semi Eq Parts in ALL CATEGORIES...1
    57132Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09068Cable Turbo Control2
    57190Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09086Pressure Switch Ass'y, Cable, oil pressure, #2...1
    57148Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09183-RCABLE, Expanded Gas2225.00
    57127Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09204Heater Block1
    57126Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09206BOX HEATER CONTROL BOARD INTERCONNECT CABLE ASSY1
    57125Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09218ASS,Y, Cable, Oil Pressure Switch #1/Pumps1
    57108Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09242CABLE ASS'Y DUAL MANOMETER RIBBONS-POS A,B2
    57123Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09291CABLE, GROUND TC AMP HOUSING1
    57114Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09420CABLE, ASSY FLOW DETECT POWER1
    57115Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09421CABLE, ASSY FLOW DETECT INTRLK1
    57146Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09461CABLE ASS'Y SACVD CHAMBER LID INTERLOCK1
    57164Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09758CABLE ASSY, MAG GEN INTER CONNECT, 55'3250.00
    58039Applied Materials Mfr*0150-10409CABLE, ASSY, EMO, PUMP INTFC-TO-PUMP INT3
    57173Applied Materials Mfr*0150-20070Cable Assy4
    57181Applied Materials Mfr*0150-20398Cable Assy8
    57184Applied Materials Mfr*0150-20422CABLE ASSY M/F WATER SENSE INTCNCT1
    57155Applied Materials Mfr*0150-20479Cable Assy10
    57156Applied Materials Mfr*0150-20578CBL EBARA EMO JMPR PLUG (A-SERIES)1
    57162Applied Materials Mfr*0150-20710CABLE ASSY 2ND GEN WTR LK INTERCONN1
    57157Applied Materials Mfr*0150-20768Jumper Smoke Detector Term Board1
    57154Applied Materials Mfr*0150-35434CABLE, ASSY RF MTCH/CHMBR INT1
    57158Applied Materials Mfr*0150-40039Cable Ass'y, Chamber Serial I/O9
    57159Applied Materials Mfr*0150-70009CABLE HEAT EXCHANGER2
    57161Applied Materials Mfr*0150-70137ASSY CABLE SYSTEM VIDEO 25 FT1
    57175Applied Materials Mfr*0150-70162CBL, SEC GEN RACK WATER FLOW INTLK1
    57139Applied Materials Mfr*0190-00049CABLE, FLEX FL 4COND 26"1
    89339Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-00430H/A, POWER/CB SHUNT TRIP,IM/2M POS A,B,C1205.00
    78856Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-09030Harness Cassette Handler Phase 11
    78852Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-09038-RHARNESS,CHAMBER C&D SLIT/OPEN/CLOSED1
    78851Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-09042-RHARNESS,SLIT,I/O, AND STOR ELEVATOR1
    78846Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-09044-RHARNESS, LOADER DOOR OPEN1
    78843Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-09047HARNESS HEAT EXCHANGER INTERFACE2
    78534Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-09063HARNESS FRONT PNL-EMO1115.00
    103374Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-09064IHC MONOMETER CABLE1325.00
    78853Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-09152-RHARNESS ASSY CASSETTE HANDLER INTERFACE1
    103375Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-10010HARNESS,DI EXTENSION LINE140.00
    77055Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-20099HARNESS ASSY, CHAMBER 1 INTERCONNECT1
    77052Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-20518HARNESS ASSY BUF EXTENSION1
    77054Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-20540HARNESS ASSY CHAMBER 1&2 I/C1
    78854Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-70004-RHARNESS LOADER DISCONTACT1
    78840Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-70092HARNESS ASSY LLO/CENTURA INTERFACE PUMP1
    78842Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-70093HARNESS ASSY CENTURA INTERFACE PUMP INTE3
    78848Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0140-70093-RHARNESS ASSY CENTURA INTERFACE PUMP INTE10
    115428Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00232CABLE,MOCROWAVE ON "B"2
    115429Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-00277CABLE ASSEMBLY FEEDTHRU GROUND STRAP1
    77048Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-01185EMO,High Capacity HX1
    77044Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-01634Edwards HX Water Leak Detector1
    77039Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-02133CABLE ASSY 100FT, EMO, HIGH CAPACITY HX1
    75532Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-02147CABLE ASSY, HIGH CAPACITY HX, INTERCONNECT1
    76817Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-02173CABLE ASSY, EDWARDS HX, WATER LEAK DETEC1
    104090Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09027-RASSY CABLE HEAT EXCHGR INTRFC9125.00
    104091Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09057-RCABLE ASSY RF GENERATOR2225.00
    89350Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09069-UASSY RIBBON CABL, MFC HELIUM/ETCH923.00
    103378Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09107ASSY CABLE REM ANALOG 504275.00
    103379Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09108ASSY CABLE REM DIG 50 FT3225.00
    103380Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09109DC POWER FOOT4215.00
    89351Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09110CBL ASSY ROOTS VACCUM SWITCH2128.00
    103381Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09143-RCABLE ASSY DC POWER JUMPER TO REMOTE PCB385.00
    78535Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09144CABLE DI/DO JUMPER TO REMOTE PCB2295.00
    103382Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09144-RCABLE DI/DO JUMPER TO REMOTE PCB3200.00
    115431Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09145CABLE ASSY FINAL VALVE N2 FLOW INTERLOCK1
    75528Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09179ASSY CABLE MINI CONTROLLER2
    103383Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09200RF Cable1
    89352Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09208CABLE ASSY , FAN/AMPULE194.00
    115432Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09211HEATER AC IN CABLE ASSY1
    115433Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09240CABLE ASSY, RF GENERATOR9
    104094Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09240-RCABLE ASSY RF GENERATOR1110.00
    89353Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09258-UCABLE ASSY,MFC 42" LONG320.00
    89354Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09259-UCABLE ASSY,MFC,49" LONG120.00
    89355Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09260-UCABLE ASSY, MFC, 56" LONG322.00
    115434Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09376CABLE HEATED GAS LINE CHAMBER A1
    75529Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09555ASSY CABLE1
    75530Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09556ASSY CABLE1
    115435Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09758-UCABLE ASSY,MAG GEN INTER CONNECT,55',ASP1
    103384Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09770Cable Ass'y Lift125.00
    103386Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-09836CABLE GATE17.50
    103388Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-10248CABLE ASSY LFC TO L11FB CH A LIQUID INJ2245.00
    103389Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-10284CABLE JUMPER INTERLOCK LF MATCH POS1
    89360Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-10356CABLE ASSY,LIMIT SWITCH SACVD CLAMP,LONG162.00
    89361Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0150-10406CABLE, ASSY., MFC, 24" LONG OZONATOR1100.00
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