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Mass Flow Controllers - Gas

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    Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionGas Type(s)Flow RangeFittingConnector Type#PriceNoteORDER
    # Units
    »slpm  sccm»cm  in$
    89425 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3030-9900211,692.00
    56076 Brooks Instrument Mfr*2179A22CL1BV1795.00
    56064 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAFMBKA1795.00
    56065 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAKVBKA1795.00
    56067 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAL4BKA1795.00
    56063 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GALYBKA1795.00
    56056 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAM2BKA1795.00
    56066 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAP3BKA1795.00
    56061 Brooks Instrument Mfr*5850EME1GAP4BKA1795.00
    88539 STEC Mfr*SEC-8440SL-UC-2321
    56016 Tylan General Mfr*FC-2900M-4V11,250.00
    55731 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10036021,250.00
    55727 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10036211,250.00
    55640 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10036411,250.00
    55730 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10059321,250.00
    55755 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10059411,250.00
    56014 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10059511,250.00
    55761 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10059711,250.00
    55638 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10059811,250.00
    55744 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10060021,250.00
    56012 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10082921,250.00
    55722 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10083211,250.00
    56013 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10306411,250.00
    56009 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10417311,250.00
    56010 Unit Instruments Mfr*1660-10809211,250.00
    88529 Unit Instruments Mfr*1661-1022321
    88534 Unit Instruments Mfr*3260-1000101
    55747 Unit Instruments Mfr*8100-10004921,250.00
    55771 Unit Instruments Mfr*8100-10009621,250.00
    55764 Unit Instruments Mfr*8100-10009811,250.00
    55766 Unit Instruments Mfr*8100-10009911,250.00
    55719 Unit Instruments Mfr*8100-10010111,250.00
    88535 Unit Instruments Mfr*8100-1008591
    56053 Unit Instruments Mfr*C1660SAF01290501750.00
    56051 Unit Instruments Mfr*C1660SAF01380503750.00
    56054 Unit Instruments Mfr*C1660SAF01600502750.00
    88530 Unit Instruments Mfr*UFC-1100A1
    88531 Unit Instruments Mfr*UFC-1100A1
    88533 Unit Instruments Mfr*UFC-1100A1
    56011 Unit Instruments Mfr*UFC-1100A1850.00
    88526 Unit Instruments Mfr*UFC-1100A1
    88527 Unit Instruments Mfr*UFC-1100A1
    88536 Unit Instruments Mfr*UFC-16601
    56015 Unit Instruments Mfr*UFC-816111,550.00
    107280 Unit Instruments OEM*:OEM*UFC-1660 CF41

    *  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor
       when photo available
       when document attached
      F* if the item is specially featured
      N* if the item is newly added, and/or
      R* if the item's price is recently reduced.