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    Item IDItem DescriptionPt DescriptionFlange TypeFlange Size#PriceNotesORDER
    # Units
    »in  mm$
    105473 Applied Materials In OEM*:OEM*0040-20218FITTING1 215.00
    105474 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0050-70013TBG ELBOW EXHAUST MANIFOLD ROBOT BLADE1 128.50
    105500 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01333FTG TBG ADP KF-16 1/8NPT2 13.50
    105502 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01594FTG TBG UN DBL FEM 9/16-18 SST 1/4 VCR6 41.50
    105503 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-01939FTG TBG Union Tee 1/3 VCR M/M/M1 28.00
    105505 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02130FTG BLWS SECTION FLEX NW40 X NW40 3.941 55.00
    105507 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*3300-02936FTG FLANGE BLANK-OFF NW50 2.95OD X .201 85.00
    105531 CAJON Mfr*SS-8-VCR-6-DFFitting 1/2"F - 1/2"F Coupling20
    105496 Cole Parmer Mfr*2-047-013-04-03Connector Straight 1/8" x 25/pkg2
    105497 Cole Parmer Mfr*2-047-013-05-03Connector Straight 1/16" x 25/pkg3
    105519 Fluoroware Mfr*AAOAIC C4-8NFitting, Teflon 1/4 Tube x 1/2"25
    105524 Fluoroware Mfr*C4 8NFitting, Teflon, NPT Reducing1
    105525 Fluoroware Mfr*C6-8NFitting Teflon 1/2" NPT2
    105535 Fluoroware Mfr*SU-6NUnion, 3/8" Galtek PFA Teflon2
    105534 Fluoroware Mfr*SU6-4NUnion, Reducing 3/8" GLT Teflon2
    105536 Fluoroware Mfr*SU8-6NUnion, Reducing 1/2" GLTK Teflon2
    105537 Fluoroware Mfr*SU8NUnion, 1/2" GLTK Teflon1
    105541 Fluoroware Mfr*UE4GN-1Fitting Union Elbow Teflon6
    105542 Fluoroware Mfr*UE4NFitting, Galtek Teflon 1/4"1
    105543 Fluoroware Mfr*UT8NUnion, Tee 1/2" GLTK Teflon2
    105490 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*032137Fitting Barb BSEBR FEMA2 35.00
    105491 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*056041Fitting Barb Brass 10-324
    105499 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*259273Fitting T Barb4
    105494 Humphry Mfr*10224-507Fitting Adapter 1/2" Teflon6
    105511 Humphry Mfr*70710Fitting Barb 10/3241
    105517 LAM OEM*:OEM*921-008452-007Fitting Elbow Male SMC2
    105508 Leybold Mfr*3400244Flange FLG F FTG KF401
    105518 MKS Instruments Mfr*9520-0247Flange Insulators, ISO-KF flanges, compact NW ...1
    105493 Novellus Systems OEM*:OEM*10-115249-00Ammonia Del. Fitting1
    105533 Parker Mfr*SSH3-62YFitting, Coupler 3/8"3 48.00
    105492 Plasmaetch Mfr*05M6S35F4 BTFitting Teflon Block2 105.00
    105498 Silicon Graphics Inc OEM*:OEM*206-666Nipple 1/4"2
    105529 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-4-VCR-2-6R-VSFitting, VCR 1/4" W/ Capture Ring5
    105530 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-8-VCR-2-VSFitting, VCR 1/2"8
    105538 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*T-400-2-4Elbow, Male, Teflon 1/4" MNPT9
    105539 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*T-400-3Tee Union Teflon 1/4"1
    105540 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*T-600-6-4Union, 3/8" Teflon7
    105475 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-000538-1Fitting Tube2
    105476 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-002394-1Fitting Vacuum1
    105477 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-002421-1Fitting 2421120
    105479 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-003317-1Quick Fitting1
    105480 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-003541-1Fitting Tube1
    105481 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-003721-1Fitting Resin1
    105482 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-003729-1Fitting Resin2
    105483 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-004163-1Fitting Tube2
    105485 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-008459-1Fitting Flg Brk10
    105486 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-009733-1Fitting Tube5
    105487 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-009798-1Fitting Tube 4
    105488 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*028-010270-1Fitting Vacuum2
    105495 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*1187-141505-11Flexible Fitting2
    105528 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*ME4-076820-BFlange, MW801
    105509 Unknown Mfr*6115-A GSR-SLOANTEE, 2SL CLEANOUT W/PLUG FSL2
    105510 Unknown Mfr*70-10-6 P-PG JACO#TEE, 5/8TUX3/8TU BRANCH PLAS2
    105512 Unknown Mfr*735.018.517-BELBOW, 6BW 90DEG PVDF2 450.00
    105513 Unknown Mfr*91-0012Coupling Body 1/8" Barb1
    105514 Unknown Mfr*91-0016Insert Coupling 1/8" Barb2
    105515 Unknown Mfr*91-0045Fitting Barb 10-32 to 1/1640
    105516 Unknown Mfr*91-0054Fitting 10-32 x 1/8" ID1
    105520 Unknown Mfr*ADI 1000Fitting Nick Barb 1/16"2
    105521 Unknown Mfr*BR-3212UNION, 2BWX3/4BW TEF6
    105522 Unknown Mfr*BR-3216UNION, 2BWX1BW TEF10
    105526 Unknown Mfr*CGA170Cap CGA170, Argon5
    105527 Unknown Mfr*FE2-2NELBOW, 1/8FPX1/8TU TEF10
    105532 Unknown Mfr*SS-F-0001Fitting Barb 0.78 ID30

    *  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor

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