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    Item IDItem DescriptionValve TypeValve Material Valve ActuationFlange Type#PriceNoteORDER
    # Units
    103905 Advance Mfr*3113/SAVA3333S2
    103933 AIR-VAC OEM*:OEM*AVR 038H318.50
    115189 Alkon Corporation Mfr*2-391
    94414 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0010-10619-RThrottle8
    103885 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0190-70044735.00
    103891 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*1410-013061445.00
    115199 Clippard Mfr*Model20104
    103937 Clippard OEM*:OEM*ET-3M-241919.00
    103913 DNS Mfr*5-39-014731
    103919 DNS Mfr*7-39-054412
    103935 Dynamco OEM*:OEM*D20D0A00345.00
    103936 Dynamco OEM*:OEM*D20S0K00237.50
    103921 Fischer Mfr*82100-223
    103892 Fluoroware Mfr*201-145
    103895 Fluoroware Mfr*202-178
    103896 Fluoroware Mfr*202-212
    103943 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*:OEM*LPV-25-AK-CO3265.00
    103946 Humphrey OEM*:OEM*MC41E1-120VAC169.10
    115191 Imperial Tube & Fitt Mfr*25600602
    103889 LAM OEM*:OEM*10000-16711
    103923 Mac Mfr*913APM511RA1
    103924 Mac Mfr*914ARA2
    115190 Mead Fluid Dynamics Mfr*25600372
    103900 MKS Instruments Mfr*248A-00500SV-SP024-871
    103902 Motoyama Mfr*2ES4C-503562
    103906 Nor-Cal Products Mfr*3870-011611
    115192 Parker Mfr*25WE4Z(A)-P4K-11AC-SSV-PP1
    115193 Parker Mfr*29WE4Z(A)-P4K-11AC-SSV-PP1
    103912 Parker Mfr*4Z-P4K-11AC-SSV-PP1
    103940 Parker OEM*:OEM*FTC-6128.00
    103941 Parker OEM*:OEM*KIT-882133213.50
    103942 Parker OEM*:OEM*KIT-882137242.00
    115197 Precision Dynamics I Mfr*EH3312-BP-S11
    103951 RK Industries Mfr*RK-AOV TDNVTP-22
    103899 Silicon Valley Group OEM*:OEM*213-58848-011
    103967 SMC Mfr*VV5Q111
    103968 SMC Mfr*VV5Q11-ULB9600781
    103969 SMC Mfr*VV5Q11-ULB9602161
    103970 SMC Mfr*VV5Q11-ULB9602171
    103947 SMC OEM*:OEM*NCRB1BW10-90S165.00
    103917 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*6L-CW4FR4-VR2
    103918 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*6LVV-DPMR4-P11
    115202 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-4BK-1C-2652
    115203 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-4BK-1C-3195
    115204 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-4BK-KG-1C1
    115206 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-4BK-V51-1C1
    115207 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-SS2D-KZ1
    103963 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS8BK-K5-412
    103934 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*:OEM*B-8BK-101
    103955 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*:OEM*SS-4BA-K1160.00
    103956 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*:OEM*SS-4BG0-K5-T54.00
    103957 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*:OEM*SS-4BK-1C1175.00
    103958 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*:OEM*SS-4BK-K517.50
    103959 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*:OEM*SS-4C-VCR-1168.00
    103960 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*:OEM*SS-4H-TW2114.40
    103874 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-000169-11
    103875 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-000722-11
    103876 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-000824-11
    103877 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-00163-11
    103880 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-004232-11
    103881 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-004334-11
    103882 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-005030-11
    103883 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-009129-12
    103884 Tokyo Electron Limit OEM*:OEM*012-009134-13
    103886 Unknown Mfr*030546G11
    103887 Unknown Mfr*061-108701
    103898 Unknown Mfr*203-3414-2151
    115194 Unknown Mfr*50323801
    103914 Unknown Mfr*5613.0051
    103915 Unknown Mfr*56AHH6-1-2-1/23
    103920 Unknown Mfr*800-00501
    103922 Unknown Mfr*8295337
    115196 Unknown Mfr*BA-7026-011
    115198 Unknown Mfr*FXA-20902
    103950 Unknown Mfr*PV56051
    103965 Unknown Mfr*SYJ5140-6MOZ2
    103966 Unknown Mfr*V46AC-1C1
    103952 Unknown OEM*:OEM*S020219418.00
    103888 Varian OEM*:OEM*09530017009
    103916 Varian OEM*:OEM*58650201
    103939 VAT OEM*:OEM*F15-61320-011
    103925 Veriflo Mfr*944AOPLPNCSFSFF2
    103926 Veriflo Mfr*944LS-FSMF3
    103927 Veriflo Mfr*944MSFSFF2
    103929 Veriflo Mfr*945AOPLPNCS48831
    103930 Veriflo Mfr*945AOPLPNCS4884M1
    103931 Veriflo Mfr*945AOPLPNCSTS2

    *  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor
       when photo available
       when document attached
      F* if the item is specially featured
      N* if the item is newly added, and/or
      R* if the item's price is recently reduced.