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    # Units
    99126 AMAT OEM*:OEM*0910-01129FUSE, GLASS, FAST ACTING, 2X20MM, 2.0A 22.00110.36
    99115 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01002FUSE, 1.0A 250V TYPE 3AGNON-DELAY1.00250.0040.44
    99116 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01029FUSE, PICO FAST-ACT 7A 125VAXIAL-LEAD7.00125.00161.42
    99117 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01043FUSE, NORM-BLO 8A 125V8.00125.00120.53
    99118 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01060FUSE, NORM-BLOW, 7A 250V1/4X1-1/4, 3AG G7.00250.0030.53
    99119 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01068FUSE, SLO-BLO TIME-DELAY 10A500V 13/32X110.00500.0067.00
    99120 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01071FUSE, 10.0A 125V, TYPE 3AGNORMAL BLO, GL10.00125.00140.36
    99122 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01075FUSE, 8.0A 32V TYPE 3AGTIME DELAY, 1/4X18.0032.00240.36
    99123 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01099FUSE, SLO BL 4A 5 X 20 MM4.00111.59
    99124 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01114FUSE DUAL TIME DELAY 30 A 125V30.00125.00171.42
    99125 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01125FUSE, DUAL-ELEMENT, 250V/1/2A0.50250.0040.88
    99128 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01185FUSE, CURRENT LIMITING 600VAC600.00410.99
    99129 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01192FUSE, TIME DELAY 8A 500V8.00500.0037.79
    99130 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01200FUSE 600VAC 50A 13/16 X 1-9/1650.00600.0047.50
    99131 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01207FUSE, 6A 600VAC 9/16' DIA X6.00600.0038.55
    99132 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01208FUSE HOLDER, 1-1/2" .25 QCTAB BNL MT B23.37
    99133 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01223FUSE, 0.5A 600V, SLOW BLOW,13/32D X 1.5L0.50600.0057.79
    99135 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01282Fuse, Fast, Acting 3,15A 250V3.15250.0051.47
    99138 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01291Fuse, Block 2 Pole 600 VAC 30 A30.00600.0055.14
    99139 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01293FUSE, 5.0A 600V, SLOW BLOW,13/32D X 1.5L5.00600.00358.86
    99140 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01334FUSE, NANO FAST ACT 2A 250V2250.00121.77
    99141 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-01470Fuse, Time delay, 30A 600V 13/32X1/2 GL30.00600.0028.13
    99142 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-90047Fuse, 25 AMP25.00103.07
    99143 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-90050Fuse, 5A, 20mmx5mm DIA5.00100.31
    99144 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-90052Fuse, 5 AMP 1 1/4"5.00102.30
    99145 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-90074Fuse NIT4 (HT EXCH)123.83
    99146 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-90075Fuse Link 2A2.00123.83
    99147 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-90077Fuse 6,3 A6.3050.92
    99148 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-90083Fuse 10A x 20mm Quick Blow10.0040.46
    99149 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0910-90087Fuse, 7AF283 Type103.68
    48727 Bussmann MFR*FRN-R-7FUSE, 7A 250V FRN-R CLASS RK5 TIME DELAY7250.0057.85
    58252 Bussmann Mfr*FRS-R-15Fusetron Fuse9
    58251 Bussmann Mfr*FRS-R-25Fusetron Fuse5
    58253 Bussmann Mfr*FRS-R-30Fusetron Fuse9
    58254 Bussmann Mfr*FRS-R-5Fusetron Fuse8
    58256 Bussmann Mfr*JKS 225FUSETRON JKS 2256
    58280 Bussmann Mfr*JKS 70Quick Acting Current Limiting Fuse4
    58255 Bussmann Mfr*NOS 5One-Time Fuse4
    115647 Cooper Bussman Inc. Mfr*FRS-R-60Dual Element Fuse 600V 60 A2
    115648 Cooper Bussman Inc. Mfr*FRS-R-70Dual Element Fuse 600V 70 A3
    115649 Cooper Bussman Inc. Mfr*T30060-3CRClass T Fuse Block W/JJN-60 amp Fuses1
    48722 FERRAZ SHAWMUT MFR*A13X1-2FUSE, 1A 130V TYPE 228.85
    48723 Gould MFR*A13X10-2FUSE, 10A 130V L15S78.45
    115644 Gould Shawmut Inc. Mfr*A4J200Fuse 200A 600V Amp Trap Fuses3
    115650 Gould Shawmut Inc. Mfr*TR90RFUSE3
    115651 Gould Shawmut Inc. Mfr*TRS10RFUSE2
    58250 Limitron Mfr*JKS 150Limitron JKS 150 Fuse3
    48724 Littelfuse MFR*BLF003FUSE, 3A 250V PC-TRON FAST42.95
    48726 Littelfuse MFR*FLNR025FUSE, 25A 250V FLNR TIME DELAY RK575.75
    48725 Littelfuse MFR*FLNR200FUSE, 200A 250V KNIFE IDSR TIME DELAY RK651.25
    48734 Littelfuse MFR*IDSR004FUSE, 4A 600V IDSR TIME DELAY RK5714.35
    48732 Littelfuse MFR*IDSR070FUSE, 70A 600V KNIFE IDSR TIME DELAY RK5451.65
    48733 Littelfuse MFR*IDSR090FUSE, 90A 600V KNIFE IDSR TIME DELAY RK5851.65
    48728 Littelfuse MFR*IDSR175FUSE, 175A 600V IDSR TIME DELAY RK57103.35
    48729 Littelfuse MFR*IDSR250FUSE, 250A 600V KNIFE TIME DELAY IDSR RK6180.85
    48730 Littelfuse MFR*IDSR300FUSE, 300A 600V KNIFE IDSR TIME DELAY RK3180.85
    48731 Littelfuse MFR*IDSR400FUSE, 400A 600V KNIFE IDSR TIME DELAY RK3179.25
    48735 Littelfuse MFR*KLPC1200FUSE, 1200A 600V KNIFE KLPC TIME DELAY L1436.35
    48736 Littelfuse MFR*KLPC800FUSE, 800A 600V KNIFE KLPC TIME DELAY L1436.35
    48737 Littelfuse MFR*L15S 2FUSE, 2A 130V L15S910.25
    48738 Littelfuse MFR*L15S 5FUSE, 5A 130V L15S59.58
    48739 Littelfuse MFR*LLSRK400FUSE, 400A 600V KNIFE TIME DELAY LLSRK3197.40
    115645 Reliance electric Mfr*ECSR-50Dual Element Fuse 600V 50 A4
    58260 Tokyo Electron Ltd Mfr*045-000466-1Fuse 13
    58272 Tokyo Electron Ltd Mfr*045-001017-1Fuse5
    58259 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-000068-1Fuse4
    58261 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-000468-1Fuse 8506 250v/3. 15A 5x20 iec1
    58262 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-000469-1Fuse2
    58263 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-000662-1Fuse2
    58264 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-000728-1Fuse 7281505
    58265 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-000729-1Fuse 72915
    58267 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-000866-1Fuse2
    58268 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-000867-1Fuse S5O6 250v/5a2
    58270 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-001000-1Fuse T400MAL 250v4
    58271 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-001008-1Fuse5
    58273 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-001025-1Fuse 102512
    58274 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-001027-1Fuse2
    58275 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-001028-1Fuse2
    58276 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-001037-1Fuse3
    58277 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-001039-1Fuse 103912
    58278 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-001042-1Fuse 104212
    58279 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*:OEM*045-00725-1Fuse 72514
    58249 Unknown Mfr*59FUSE, 2A AXIAL FAST1

    *  Vendor Role: OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer; Sup is Supplier/Distributor
       when photo available
       when document attached
      F* if the item is specially featured
      N* if the item is newly added, and/or
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