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Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotesORDER
# Units
106684 3M Mfr*030-806330Collar Soft Alloy Tube1
101651 3M Mfr*031-813713Collar Soft LPCVD 275 ID1
101732 3M Mfr*111-813714Nextel 550 Collar/Disc1
101800 3M Mfr*2-0040-03346-000Socket39
101827 3M Mfr*220-3595-602Receptacle 300 MIL Dip 20 P79
147005 ABB Control MFR*EH 1603 POLE CONTACTOR1
105649 Aceco Mfr*06-2-005ADAPTOR, COLLIMATOR 2/1-REPAIR1 625.00
144887 ADC MFR*78771DataSMART T1 Add/Drop Quad Port V.351
147070 Adsens Inc. MFR*HFMP-48High Flow Muffler21
108152 Advance Transformer OEM*:OEM*RL140TP30 or 40 Watt Rapid Start Transformer1
144928 Advanced Energy MFR*2306044RF FILTER PC BOARD1
144929 Advanced Energy MFR*2306058PDW LOGIC PC BOARD1
144930 Advanced Energy MFR*2306059PDX/PDW LINE FILTER PCB1
144931 Advanced Energy MFR*2306060PDW DISPLAY PCB1
144932 Advanced Energy MFR*2306068DIRECTIONAL COUPLER II PCB BOARD1
149103 Advanced Energy Mfr*3156024-132PDX 900-2V LOW FREQUENCY POWER SUPPLY3
115295 Advanced Energy Mfr*PDX900-2VPDX900 Power Supply1
102985 Advanpro Corp Sup*:Sup*10-100952PIN, HINGE 3"4
146945 Advantest MFR*DCB-MM8867X01F-1Testing Cable/Main Breaker1
146946 Advantest MFR*DCB-MM8867X02F-1Testing Cable Main PSU 936ZV 230PSJ1 OUT 2001
146947 Advantest MFR*DCB-MM8868X04B-1Cable Assy1
146948 Advantest MFR*DCB-MM8868X05B-1Cable Assy1
146949 Advantest MFR*DCB-MM8868x06B-1Cable Assy1
146950 Advantest MFR*DCB-MM8868X12B-1Testing Cable Main PSU GB1
146951 Advantest MFR*DCB-SS1076X04Testing Cable2
146952 Advantest MFR*DCB-SS4540X01ATesting Cable 052MJ TGTPU S4J81
146953 Advantest MFR*DCB-SS7023X06Testing Cable 050MY TGTPU S11 J201
108039 AG Associates OEM*:OEM*1600-0004-01Kit Nitrite Level Test1
102104 Alcatel Mfr*P173001Mist Eliminator2
106909 Allied Devices Corpo Mfr*DT18D9-10-5Clutch Slip2
102986 Alpha Wire Co Sup*:Sup*FIT 221 3/8IRRADIATED POLYOLEFIN 3/8 16X 6 IN16
  AMAT:OEM 3860-01018  
105700 AMACOIL Mfr*964009XMITTER PART (A)1 575.00
101534 AMAT OEM*:OEM*0020-70436Plate Cam Slit Valve6
89390 AMAT OEM*:OEM*0240-70812KIT He ELBOW1 588.00
89394 AMAT OEM*:OEM*0540-90000BLDR Module3 845.00
101877 AMP Mfr*571-748676-1Shell, Kit, 9 Pin, w/ Grommets17
146833 Analog Devices MFR*AD581JHIC 10 Volt Regulator3
146846 Ansell MFR*ANS69318LLatex Gloves, Powder Free6
149077 APC Mfr*SU2200RM3UAPC SMART UPS 22001
149102 Apex Mfr*0920-00085Oth Semi Eq Parts in ALL CATEGORIES...7
149101 Apex Mfr*0920-001201513 COMPACT RF GENERATOR1
144287 Applied Materials 0EM*:0EM*0150-70000CABLE ASSY ROBOT ALIGNMT1
143878 Applied Materials Mfr*0010-00336CLIP ASSY,LOWER 150MM OX1
143879 Applied Materials Mfr*0010-09063DISPLAY, CALIBRATION1
143881 Applied Materials Mfr*0010-09341WAFER LIFT ASP1
143882 Applied Materials Mfr*0010-09498HINGE ASSEMBLY, POSITION A OR D BOLT DOWN ETCH1
144086 Applied Materials MFR*0015-09330SCREW MACH SET 4-40 X 1/4 HEX SKT SST NI10 0.75
144090 Applied Materials MFR*0020-04043-RChamber Bottom Lid2
144092 Applied Materials MFR*0020-04194-RCHAMBER LID3
144112 Applied Materials MFR*0020-10891SCREW, PN HD13 2.75
144117 Applied Materials MFR*0020-14164


144118 Applied Materials MFR*0020-14559Plate1
144121 Applied Materials MFR*0020-21559Panel2
144124 Applied Materials MFR*0020-23926Block1
144131 Applied Materials MFR*0020-30302Screw, Machine42 17.50
144133 Applied Materials MFR*0020-30673PLATE, GAS BOX SACVD2 1,200.00
144142 Applied Materials MFR*0020-31651CENTERING PIN3
144152 Applied Materials MFR*0020-37264Strap1
144154 Applied Materials MFR*0020-40991Pin, Ceramic4
144155 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-42079Plate, Pumping 8" SR, WXZ1 835.00
144164 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-09104Cathode Liner MXP+1 1,825.00
144179 Applied Materials MFR*0040-09323GAS BOX UNIVERSAL LID1 1,500.00
144181 Applied Materials MFR*0040-09763Frame, Turbo Mount1
144308 Applied Materials MFR*01-81100-00BUTTERFLY VALVE1
144196 Applied Materials Mfr*0100-00011PCB Chopper Drive1
144253 Applied Materials Mfr*0150-09202CABLE, TEOS Interface PCB2 245.00
144314 Applied Materials MFR*0190-09269PLATE, TEOS PLENUM PUMPING1
62719 Applied Materials Mfr*0190-18437Pump,SMC HE - hot loop cooling4 F*
144318 Applied Materials MFR*0200-40091INSERT, MARK IV CHAMBER2
144322 Applied Materials MFR*0225-09715Panel1
144340 Applied Materials MFR*0270-01150TOOL, 8" ORIENTER LIFT HOOP CALIBRATION 8"2
144341 Applied Materials MFR*0270-09063CABLE, TC EXTENSION1
144342 Applied Materials MFR*0270-20044TOOL CALIBRATION ORIENTER 8"1 125.00
144349 Applied Materials MFR*0270-201848" DUMMY CHUCK CAL JIG1 150.00
144351 Applied Materials MFR*0270-40058TOOL, POLYMER SCRAPER2 55.00
144420 Applied Materials MFR*3300-03194FTG PIPE RDCR 1/2" TO 3/4"N1
144434 Applied Materials MFR*3500-01011Nut Hex Full 3/8-16 SST PSVT4 0.20
144457 Applied Materials MFR*3690-01086SCR CAP SKT HD 8-32 X 1/2L HEX SKT SST109 0.20
144461 Applied Materials MFR*3690-01093SCR CAP SKT HD 10-32 X 1/2L HEX SKT SST82 0.20
144465 Applied Materials MFR*3690-01159SCREW, FLT HD 8-32x3/84 0.90
144472 Applied Materials MFR*3690-01197SCREW SKT HD 10-32 X 5/8" Vented59 1.45
144473 Applied Materials MFR*3690-01265SCR CAP SKT HD 4-40 X 5/8L HEX SKT SST75 0.20
144491 Applied Materials MFR*3690-01628SCR MACH BTN HD 8-32 X 1/4L HEX SKT120 0.80
144506 Applied Materials MFR*3690-02103SCR MACH PAN HD 8-32 X 3/8L PHIL STL Z100 0.25
144513 Applied Materials MFR*3690-02620SCREW, MACHINE, SHOULDER9 3.25
144520 Applied Materials MFR*3690-03534SCR CAP SKT HD 5/16-24 X 1.0L HEX SKT8 8.00
144547 Applied Materials Mfr*3700-01211ORING ID 7.484 CSD .139 VITON43 3.10
144599 Applied Materials MFR*3880-01025WSHR LKG SPLIT #10 .334OD X .200ID X .047THK SST18 0.36
144619 Applied Materials MFR*3880-01312WSHR FLAT #8100 0.25
144620 Applied Materials MFR*3880-01313WSHR LKG SPLIT #8 .293ODX.174IDX.040THK100 0.25
144621 Applied Materials MFR*3880-01426WSHR THRUST 3/16 ID 1/2 OD. 051 THK SST1 2.25
144637 Applied Materials MFR*679508Barrel, Temp Profile1 8,000.00
149233 Applied Materials Mfr*8300APPLIED MATERIALS 8300/ 200MM OXIDE2
101449 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0010-00148CRYO TEMP SENSOR ASSY1 1,075.00
103010 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0010-00157EMISSION DETECTOR 396 NM1
101450 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0010-00215PHASE/MAG DETECTOR1
101451 Applied Materials OEM*:OEM*0010-00227FOOTSWITCH ASSY1
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